How to Make Weed Cake: A Cannabis Pastry Chef Secret

how to make weed cake

Draw the look, tie all the preferred things you wanted to put, and picture out the soft feeling covered in delicious flavors you have wanted your cave to have. Add some spices that will make it stand out from the rest; thus, you could think cannabis as one of the lists.

Weed cake is progressively known as of today because you will not just be savoring a normal cake, rather a sweet and tasty food with cannabis as one of its ingredients. As such, you may think of activating your skills by knowing how to make weed cake. In a delectable way, you can create your preferred cake together with your loved cannabis.

How to Make Weed Cake: Cannabis Sponge Cake

Baking a cake is not that hard but also never lies on the easy thing to do. Well, you need some basic skills in baking in order to perfectly achieve your weed cake. In spite of just purely smoking cannabis, weed cake may bless you with another taste of cannabis, and it can be in a new form as well.

As a result, let us know the following ways on how to make weed cake. Acquainting yourself with all the underlying procedures, materials, and ingredients needed to make a weed cake brings out the best in your hidden talents, and perhaps, this could be the getaway since only numbered shops sell weed cake.


Quantity Description
3 GlassesFlour (Use Yogurt Glasses)
2 GlassesSugar (Use Yogurt Glasses)
1Packet of Yeast
1Plain Yogurt
1Cannabis Butter (Must be melted with the measurement of 80 grams)
1Pinch of Salt
5 to 8 GramsMarijuana Buds

The Materials:

Quantity Description
1Baking Pan
1Casserole Dish
1Knife Baking Paper (Alternative: You can use leftover flour or Butter)
1Mixer (Optional)

The Procedures:

Disclaimer: You can choose between what butter you are going to use, either marijuana butter or the normal butter.

  • You need to set the oven temperature at exactly 180 degrees. Pre-heat the oven for some that whenever you are done mixing all the ingredients, your oven is now ready to use.
  • With the span of 10 to 20 seconds, place the butter into the microwave oven. Either cannabis butter or the regular butter you’ve used, it must be placed inside the microwave oven. It’s best if the cut size of your cannabis or regular butter is like the length of your thumb but a little bit lower.
  • This weed cake has the flavor of chocolate, so the same size as the butter cut the chocolate and place it in the casserole. Do not wait for the butter to be cold before placing the chocolates; place it when it is still hot. Do not heighten your temperature as it may burn the butter.
  • Adding milk to the butter and chocolate is good, but this part will matter if you do it or not.
  • Stir the butter and chocolate from time to time, and wait for it to melt.
  • While you are waiting for the butter and chocolate to completely melt, you can now proceed to another task, which is mixing the sugar, yogurt, flour, pinch of salt, and eggs in a big bowl. Stir it smoothly until the dough is soft, and there should be no sign of lumps. If ever you have some blenders at home, you can utilize this to stir and mix the ingredients.
  • Your marijuana buds must be crushed thoroughly! The crushed marijuana buds, together with the butter and chocolate, mix them well. The process of mixing must be done smoothly, and the recommended tool to use is a spatula. If ever you have some blenders at home, you can utilize this to stir and mix the ingredients.
  • If your butter is the normal one, do not fully let the butter melt; rather, only 50 percent of your butter’s texture must be melt. Now, you need to add the marijuana buds (make sure it is crushed).
  • Get the tray and place now the baking paper. If so, you don’t have a baking paper. The alternative one is by spreading the flour or butter on your chosen oven tray. Make sure that your alternative flour or butter was already baked for about 25 to 30 minutes prior.
  • Lastly, spread the mixture evenly on the oven pan, and after on it, place it within the room of your pre-heated oven. Wait for some time to let it finish, but you need to check it from time to time to make sure that it is not burned, and if ever there will be issues, you can then solve it easily.

How to Make Weed Cake: Cannabis Space Cake

Space cakes are infamous not just in a single town but all over the place that loves sweets, and cannabis joined together. Cannabis space cake has already topped the taste of some various cannabis users that has a sweet tooth and falls too fast on new edible cannabis. As then, let us know how to make Cannabis Space Cake satisfy our cravings for it.


Quantity Description
1 and ¾ tspBaking Powder
1 and ¾ cupFlour
¾ cupMilk
1 cupGranulated Sugar 
1 cupNon-salted Butter
½  tspSalt
8 gramsCannabis Bud
You can also add vanilla extract, chocolate chips, dried fruit, cocoa powder, buttercream, icing, or whatever you wanted to put.

The Materials:

Quantity Description
1Microwave Oven
1Mixing Bowl
1Cake Tin (Oven Tin)
1Mixing Spoon (Can use Spatula)
1Lining Paper (Can use non-stick spray)
1Small Bowl
1Wire Rack (Optional)

The Procedures:

  • At around 104 degrees Celsius or 113 degrees Celsius, pre-heat your oven. Your ground weed must be placed in a container that won’t melt or break when place in the oven. Let it heat for about 30 to 40 minutes. This process will decarboxylate your cannabis, which means all elements of the cannabinoids transforms bioavailable.
  • At around 190 degrees Celcius, pre-heat your oven.
  • Place the butter in a clean bowl safe from melting and breaking from the heat of the microwave oven. At around 20 seconds, let the butter melt by this time. The texture must be that gloopy-type of butter.
  • Now, grind your cannabis and mix it with the butter once grinding is already done.
  • In your mixing bowl, put the eggs, sugar, milk, flour, cannabis butter, and any other ingredients (vanilla extract, chocolate chips) you’ve wanted to put. In a consistent and soft manner, mix it well and properly.
  • Whenever the mixture is dry, you can add some hints of milk but do not put too much. Whenever the mixture is wet, you can add some flour to it. Make sure that your cannabis has been mixed well with the other ingredients.
  • Your cake tin or the non-stick spray must be greased well. You can use a non-sticking type of baking paper to line it. 
  • The cake batter must be spread evenly onto the time.
  • Next, distribute the mixture on it, and you need to make sure that it is in an even manner.
  • Place now the tin on your pre-heated oven. For about 25 minutes, wait for it to completely bake.
  • You can check your space cake if it is already good by stabbing the center part with the skewer. If ever there are some parts of the cake that will stick on the skewer, then you need to let the cake sit in the oven with the additional time of 5 minutes.
  • Once done, do the process of putting the skewer and check on it, and by then, when it is now clear, you can enjoy your cannabis space cake now.


You just need to be meticulous when it’s all about baking as you need to make sure that no such problem will come and hinder you from achieving the things you’ve wanted. In the relation of the concepts on how to make weed cake are just the same on the concepts of normally baking a cake. The only thing that it differs is that no amount of cannabis in a normal cake has been put.

You can now save your time going outside just to take the savory taste of a weed cake when, in fact. You can try your baking skills. You are not just gaining the flavor and potency of the cannabis plant but also the work of enhancing your skills. As such, another edible it is where it submits to your list of likings due to the new invention of tasty food.