How to Make a Clone Machine for Your Cannabis

There are many different ways of cultivating cannabis. Most cultivators would want to go with the traditional route of using seeds to grow marijuana plants. Others would go for hydroponics. However, others want to grow cannabis through the use of a technique called cloning. Cloning is a different strategy that boasts faster results in cannabis cultivation.

Cloning cannabis is done through the use of a clone machine. You might wonder how does this happen and how to make a clone machine. However, the first thing that you need to understand the concept of cloning and why it is significant in cannabis cultivation.

What is Cloning?

Cloning is the process of producing genetically similar offsprings with the use of parts from the same plants. The method of cloning is very simple. You can use certain parts of the plant, plant them in the ground and wait for it to grow roots. As soon as the roots begin to take hold, a new plant or a clone is born. Cannabis plants are very delicate plants thus cultivators will have a difficult time growing them and produce a very reliable result. With the help of cloning, you are guaranteed to have the same characteristics of the parent plants thus you always have a reliable outcome.

What is a Clone Machine?

A cloning machine is an equipment used to clone cannabis plants. It is mostly made up of plastic box that has all the nutrients needed for the plants to survive and flourish within. It also allows for better and faster growth. The machine is attached to a water pump that will keep the plant hydrated at all times. The cloning machine has cloning sites or holes where you put the specific plant part. Once you turn the pump on, it will provide enough nutrients to the plant through a spray as well thus allowing for the plant to grow faster.

While it is still possible for you to grow clones in the traditional way and without the use of clone machines, the results may vary and it will take a lot of effort as a cannabis cultivator just to grow the plants. It will also take a lot of time for you to grow them and with different results.

How To Make A Clone Machine

If you want to clone cannabis plants the easy way, a clone machine is an answer. To know more about how to make a clone machine, here are some of the equipment you need to gather to make one.

  1. Large container with a lid.
  2. 10 feet 1/2-inch PVC pipe.
  3. 1/2-inch 90 degrees PVC elbows.
  4. 1/2-inch PVC tees.
  5. 1/2-inch PVC caps.
  6. PVC Primer and cement.
  7. 1/2-inch PVC adapter – female.
  8. 1/2-inch PVC adapter – male to female.
  9. Underwater pump.
  10. Spray heads.
  11. Net pots.
  12. Neoprene lids.

To prepare the plants fo cloning, make sure that the mother plant is not fertilized for a couple of days. Fertilizers relieve the plant from nitrogen. By removing the fertilizer in the mixture, it diverts the energy of the plant from the leaves and stems and causes them to produce roots instead. Make sure that you cut from the lower branches as they are the most well-developed and have a lot of hormones that produce the roots. Those that are taken from the higher branches tend to produce less of these hormones.

Cut the lower branches at a 45-degree angle and around 10 inches long. Place them in water immediately as air bubbles will deter water uptake into the stems. This also helps the cutting to root faster and prevents it from drying quickly. Now they are fully prepared for planting into your clone machine, it is time to build one yourself.

Cut the PVC items and connect them to make a solid infrastructure that will house the clones. These PVC pipes need to be cut and drilled to make the structure. Connect the structure to your underwater pump so that it will provide the water supply for your clones. Place the frame inside the container and let it pump enough water inside. The spray heads should be attached to the structure so that it can spray water within the container.

Measure the lid of the container so it will match the size of the net pots. Drill a hole into the lid and make sure that you properly space each pot nicely. The amount of holes and pots that you make and use depends on how many clones you want to make. Place each pot into the lid and add the cuttings and seal it using the neoprene lids. With enough water and nutrient supply from underneath the lid, the cuttings will slowly grow roots through the neoprene lids.

The use of net pots and neoprene lids allow airflow and moisture for your cuttings. Always check the lid of the clone machine several times in a single day to make sure that there is proper circulation of moisture inside. The clones must be kept inside a humid environment so you might as well create a dome-like structure on top of the machine. The humidity will also add more moisture for the plants to absorb not only through the solution below but also on the above humid environment for the leaves as well. The moist environment will make sure that your plants will not be left drying or weak. 

If you are living in a cooler region, you can add heating mats to increase the temperature and humidity within your dome. Now, you have the perfect clone machine inside a very conducive environment for the clones to grow. It will only take a few weeks before they start to grow fast and you can then transfer them in a process called transplanting.

Before transplanting your clones to a new environment, make sure that you have prepared your container of growing medium such as soil. Transfer the clones into a pot and make sure to avoid exposing the roots with air. Soak them in water and then directly place it into the container and fill it with soil. Once done, use water mixed with the solution you used inside the clone machine to provide nutrients for the clones to grow in this growing medium.

Benefits of Using Clone Machine for Cannabis

There are a lot of benefits you get if you go with this route of cannabis cultivation. For one, using clone machines will help speed up the process of growing and developing the roots of the plants. It can develop roots as early as three days and can be transplanted after a week or two.

Most clone machines have a very high success rate thus you get to develop and cultivate cannabis clones perfectly without ever having to worry about failure. The ease of using clone machines is one of its best benefits. The way it is built and used is very simple. All you need is to connect all the pieces and add a water pump and spray heads into the structure to provide proper moisture from within.


At first, knowing how to make a clone machine and use them can be very complicated but with enough experience, it would be a lot easier to do. Always make sure to check your clone machine regularly to see if it is misting the plants properly. Keep a close eye for mold infestation. If you are new to this method of cannabis cultivation, patience and dedication is key to becoming successful.