How to Grow Marijuana Like A Pro

how to grow marijuana

Growing cannabis is a good and rewarding experience if you know the basics and even more than that. You must be able to do it properly right from your first try. So, how to grow marijuana like a pro? Well, you will find how to get started in this post.

Step by Step Guide on How to Grow Marijuana Like an Expert

Step #1 – Choose Cannabis Strains

The 1st crucial step in growing cannabis is to choose what to grow. Cannabis comes in different forms. Hence, you must think of the results you want to see and obtain before picking any specific strain. Will you use cannabis for medical or recreational use? What type of smell, taste, or look you want? Do you want a body high or the cerebral buzz? You must answer all those questions beforehand. 

Step #2 – Choose a Perfect Spot for Cultivating Cannabis

The next thing to do is to choose a grow room. When you say “grow” room, it does not need to be something with walls and a roof. It does not need to be the actual room because a growing tent will be enough. You can also use a cabinet or an empty room in your home. 

You just need to consider some factors regardless of what you choose. Keep in mind that plants like cannabis breathe. They need air, and proper air circulation must be provided, so consider buying a grow fan to make sure your plants will receive fresh and clean air that is necessary for their growth. 

Likewise, the entire grow space should be clean and sanitized to prevent mold and contamination. Don’t use drapes, carpets, raw wood, or anything that can harm cannabis plants. 

Choose a grow space that is secure and quick to access as you need to check the plants daily. You should pay more attention to the temperature inside the grow room. If the ambiance it extremely warm, buy a growing fan. 

Last but not least, be sure the grow room is away from the curious eyes of your neighbors. They do not need to know that you grow cannabis. Make it as private as possible if you don’t want to deal with their curiosity. 

Step #3 – Choose High-Quality Grow Lights

Aside from the ideal temperature, cannabis plants also need good lighting.

Plants that grow outdoors are using the energy that comes from the sun. Sativa strains can grow as tall as a tree for 12 weeks. However, if you grow them indoors, you have to consider the lighting as they won’t have access to sunlight. So, invest in a grow light that your budget can afford. The market will give you options. These include:

  • Fluorescent grow lights
  • LED grow lights
  • HID grow lights
  • Induction grow lights

Step #4 – Learn How to Grow Weed

After picking a cannabis strain, a good grow room, and proper lighting, prepare now because it’s time to start cultivating. Make sure the light reflector is low and near the light. Leave the lighting timer for 18 hours and keep the grow room dark for the remaining 6 hours to complete the 24-hour light and dark cycle. 

When feeding and watering the plants, be sure not to overdo it that leads to overwatering and overfeeding. The roots of cannabis need the wet/dry cycle. When you water them today, wait until the roots are already dry. Sometimes, the topmost layer of the soil is dry, but the roots are still moist. 

Also, watch out for the obvious signs of overfeeding cannabis plants. The burnt tips of their leaves indicate overfeeding. If the leaves are drooping, it means you overwatered the plants. 

Step #5 – Give Nutrients

The nutrients your cannabis plants will need are nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus. Pick a high-quality fertilizer that will give the ideal percentage for these 3 nutrients. Remember, it should be 10% for nitrogen, 5% for potassium, and 5% also for phosphorus. 

Your plants need more of these nutrients during the vegetative phase. However, they will need lesser nitrogen, less potassium, and less phosphorus once they enter the flowering phase. 

Step #6 – Harvesting, Drying, and Curing

Those 3 are part of the growing process for cannabis. You can tell your plants are ready to harvest when you see small crystals on the flowers, you smell intense odors, and the buds are sticky when touched, and the pistils turned into red or brown. Most of the white hairs are already curl, and the bigger leaves turned yellow. All those things are signs that your cannabis plants are ready to harvest. 

If the plants are ripe, get a pair of scissors to cut the plants from the root balls. Cut the excess leaves and hang the buds to dry. The process of drying takes one to two weeks, but it still depends on the heat and humidity. To ensure proper drying, the humidity level must be 50%, and the temperature should be approximately 70 degrees Fahrenheit. When the tiny stalks snap, and the external surface of the flowers looks dry, then you can start curing them in jars. 

Get opaque jars and set the temperature to 70 degrees Fahrenheit and increase the humidity level to 60%. Be sure to open the jars every day for one to three weeks. The curing process may last for 8 weeks. 

Tips for Growing Cannabis Like A Pro

First and foremost, you have to buy cannabis strains with good quality and genes. Every cannabis seed has something special to offer. You may find one that stands out in smell and flavor or another that offers a very intense psychedelic experience. If you buy cannabis seeds with bad genes, you can’t expect something good out of them.

Do not overfeed your cannabis plants. It’s a big mistake to consistently feed your plants as you want them to grow faster. It doesn’t work that day because feeding them with too many nutrients can cause salt buildup that can damage them a lot. 

Use good quality soil. Don’t use just about any soil. It must be the right type for cannabis. 

Ensure good lighting. If you choose to grow your cannabis plants indoors, make sure they have good access to artificial lighting. Make sure the lighting touches the plants from top to bottom. If you’re not sure they are all getting sufficient light, you probably need to invest more in grow lights. 

Keep an eye on both temperature and humidity levels. Make sure both stay at the preferred and recommended levels.

Lastly, dry and cure the buds properly. Dry the plant material in a room with normal airflow and give more time when curing the buds as it will help them gain a good taste and aroma. 


Learning how to grow marijuana like a professional is a must for every novice. Keep in mind what you have learned here to avoid the common mistakes that other novice growers have done. Start cultivating by getting high-quality seeds at seed banks. Happy gardening!