How to Grow Bigger Buds Outdoors: Tips From Cannabis Experts

how to grow bigger buds outdoors

As a cannabis grower, there is nothing more rewarding than being able to produce a high-quality product. That is ecstatic! This means that you have done the right thing in cultivating your plants thus you are enjoying bountiful yield. Then you may ask, can you do more? Can you still do something to make your buds bigger and have a better yield?

If you have done practically just the basics in growing cannabis then let me tell you, you can do more! There are many ways on how to grow bigger buds outdoors. Outdoor growing is great and it can let you produce larger harvests compared to indoor growing given that you have met the basic requirements for a good outdoor growing.

Outdoor cannabis growing can be simple if you think about it but it is not like you are just sowing seeds to the ground and leave them to grow all by themselves. Though cannabis strains are very versatile and can grow in the wild, cultivating cannabis plants in other conditions can certainly produce better if not the best quality yield.

After harvesting your cannabis plants, you may want to know how to have a better yield. Yes, you can do better. All it takes is some time and a little more care on your cannabis plants.

How to Grow Bigger Buds Outdoors?

The good thing about growing outdoors is that there are little works that need to be done even though your plants will be very dependent on their natural environment. It will allow you to grow different kinds of strains even the tall-growing ones. If you have a good experience in your outdoor cultivation, you can do much better and produce bigger buds for much better yield production. Here are several tips that would matter if you want to produce bigger buds.

  1. Select the best strain for outdoor growing. You may have had a good experience with your previous strain but know that there are strains that grow best with outdoor cultivation. It may have been that the strain that you have selected thrived with outdoor cultivation but it is meant really for indoor growing. If you choose a strain that is meant for outdoor growing, this will increase the possibility of healthier buds.
  2. Select the strains that will grow well with the climate. Note that there are cannabis plants that grow well in warm climates as well as in grows in cold climates or both. If you are living in a tropical place, look for a strain that would thrive best to tropical climates. This will give your plant the exposure that it needs to grow healthier.
  3. Choose a good soil. In outdoor growing, the usual medium is soil. If you have anchored your previous plant in not so healthy soil, try to find a healthy soil mix that can feed your plant with the right nutrients and allow the plants to have air and water. Using healthy soil is advantageous because it has access to nutrients and also the moisture from the ground which can maximize the yield. Soil is also not costly compared to other mediums. You can buy healthy soil with mixed compost and other nutrients needed by the plants.
  4. Make sure that the soil that you choose is healthy and it is prepared correctly. Because this is very important in outdoor growing. The soil that you are using or will be using should have the right pH and it must be mixed in. The consistency of the soil is also very essential, it should not be too sticky or too loose so it can have good drainage and air passage. For the cannabis plant, loamy soil should be a perfect choice. Loamy soils are not very sticky and it also not sandy. It can hold water, has a good drainage system, and allows good air passage.
  5. Choose a better location. You may have a good location during your previous harvest but perhaps you have a better location that is secured, discreet, with access to water and sunlight then go ahead and transfer your location. A better location will allow your plant to prosper and there will be no doubt that you will have better plants and bigger buds.
  6. Decide on the best time on when to plant your plant outdoors. Getting to know your strain will allow you to get to be knowledgeable with even the little things about it. It is like getting to know your plant better. Know when is the best time to plant your strain so that you won’t have to worry about the weather. By doing so, you will be able to expose the plants to the best weather condition that it would require. If the cannabis plants are growing to the best weather, expect the plant to grow healthy.
  7. Your plant may need some training for them to get enough food, nutrients, light, water, and space. For a much better harvest, your plant may need some tender loving care.
    • Pruning your plant means getting rid of any non-essentials and dead leaves. This allows the nutrients to go to the bigger stem or the main branch.
    • Topping is a form of pruning that can speed up the growth of your cannabis plant. In topping, you have to chop off several buds at the top of your cannabis plant.
    • Training. This can be low-stress training which involves managing the yellow leaves or the top bud. This process may not involve the removal of the buds just the removal of the yellow leaves.

These tips can be very helpful if you want to improve the quality of your harvest from the previous one. There is nothing wrong with that. It is good actually because you want to have the best of what you have and dedicate your time and effort to growing outdoor cannabis seeds.

Growing your cannabis buds outdoors, in some ways, can be better than growing them outdoors. Knowing how to grow bigger buds outdoor is a great means to put your growing experience into the next level. Make it better than the previous harvest. That should be your goal. Good luck!