How to Grind Weed Without Grinder

how to grind weed without grinder

There will be a time that you find yourself wanting to grind some weed and smoke. But you will be annoyed as you can’t find a grinder. You have to urge to smoke when you’re in other places. You may be in the situation that you’ve forgotten it with you. When you’re in a friend’s house, you can upgrade some kitchen tools into a grinder.

By this tip, you get curious about how to grind weed without grinder. Being resourceful can make things work out in any situation. When the need to smoke weed arises, you can make it happen without any grinder. It proves that you don’t have to depend on grinder most of the time.

Possible Ways on How to Grind Weed Without Grinder

There are different scenarios when the grinder is missing when you want to smoke or when you’re in a smoking session. Here’s what you can do:

At Home

You will have privacy as you smoke at home. Some may be alone, but some get high with a special person. They may do it to start their day with the perfect wake-and-bake strain. It’s good to feel pumped-up to leave your house to hang out with your friends or go to work.

1. The Mortar and Pestle Method

Weed is sometimes termed as ‘herb’ so you’ll eventually grind it with mortar and pestle. The idea of using the mortar and pestle method would come easy. This pair is made to grind spices and some dips that you love. 

With weed, it’s no doubt that it can break the buds into pieces. Throw some of them into the mortar and get your pestle working. Some tips will help you use it efficiently.

  • Give the buds more time to dry once you’ve taken them out from the container. It makes it easier to break.
  • Expect that it can take some time as the bottom of the pestle is round and smooth.
  • Don’t rush things as you will tend to grind it too hard.
  • Like other tools, you have to maintain its cleanliness. Wash it before and after using it if you don’t want the herbal taste on your meal.

2. A Knife and a Chopping Board

These two things always word in making tiny pieces. Their usefulness is the most obvious when you’re looking for some tools in your house. You can avoid powdery consistency when using them. 

You may use a non-serrated knife, but any kind will do. Just make sure you do the following things:

  • Be careful when chopping the buds and not cutting your fingers instead. The knife can pass through easily as the nugs are light and uncompressed.
  • You don’t have to be a skillful chef when chopping. Don’t overdo and chop in moderation.
  • Again, cleanliness is a virtue. Clean what you used.

3. The Grater

If you’re okay with rubbing your buds, then go grab the cheese grater. Choose the smaller holes and be patient as it takes some time to get the job done. Place the grater over a plate to catch the small pieces. Some things may annoy using this method, so know them:

  • Don’t just rub like an idiot. Don’t allow your fingers to get in contact with the sharp parts.
  • It may be difficult to collect the crevices, so you need a poker to get every bit, so nothing is wasted. 
  • Wash the grater well and make sure not a single piece got stuck in the holes. The scent should be eliminated.

4. Coffee Grinder

You may be reluctant to use a coffee grinder as you may end up with powdered weed. As you can imagine, you can get the final result, like what happens to the coffee beans. But you can choose the appropriate setting and duration for the ideal texture.

The steps are the same, but you weed resin in them, and it may have a build-up in the inner side. Use a key or credit card to remove it from the grinder. You may also need the following things:

  • Clean the grinder before and after use. 
  • Don’t overwhelm the grinder. Avoid putting a lot of weed and pressing them down. The bud should be loosely placed inside. 

At a Party

What if you have a lot of stashes, but a grinder is nowhere to be found? But it will put to waste when you can’t turn it into small pieces and roll. Bad times won’t happen when you’re resourceful. 

1. Blender

Blender is found in parties for mixing and blending drinks. You may find it showy and excessive, but it’s best for large quantities of weed. It’s more efficient for heavier loads than the usual grinder. 

You can throw the buds into the grinder and whip them just like the way you do with your buds. Then cover the lid. Switch it to pulse setting to have control of the blending. Short intervals will help you achieve the texture. Be reminded to do these things:

  • Don’t harm the blades by removing the stems and seeds.
  • Some blenders are powerful, so you can blend every 10 seconds.

2. Scissors Together with a Shot Glass

This method is for those who don’t want their hands to get dirty. Toss the buds into the shot glass and cut them with scissors. You can do a single nug or two at a time. Cut them in half first and make them in small pieces. Then you can put the leftover in another shot glass. Practice the following things:

  • Make sure that scissors and shot glass should be cleaned well. 
  • Take it slow while snipping the buds so no spilling can occur.
  • This method needs to be done on a flat surface to avoid spillage. 

By Hand

If you want to go with no tools, your hands will guide you through. Start with big buds first so you can manage well in breaking them into small bits. You can use your fingers or fingernails to turn them into smaller bits for your satisfaction. Don’t skip on the things that you need to do:

  • Wash your hands to ensure that your buds won’t be contaminated. After doing the crushing, you have to clean your hands too.
  • Have a light touch so you won’t crumble the weed, especially the sticky ones. When the bits are compressed, it would be difficult to smoke.
  • The weed shouldn’t be dried excessively. 
  • Place the final product on a flat surface so it would be easy to pick.

Sum It Up

Knowing how to grind weed without grinder can get you high whenever you want and everywhere you are. It’s being resourceful, and your experience is the same when you use a grinder.