How to Get Rid of Weed Breath

how to get rid of weed breath

Have you been asked about your biggest pet peeve? There might be tons of answers to this; some people tend to keep things to themselves; some have done the exact opposite. A national survey that consists of 5,500 singles, both men and women, are unanimous in one thing: Poor dental hygiene is a major turn-off. What accompanies poor dental hygiene are smoking, and bad breath and smoking weed is no exception. So enjoying marijuana from time to time can be troublesome, especially if you’re the kind of person that loves to socialize and doesn’t publicly announced that you’re high. 

Well, I might have presented you with a problem, but I’m not going to end there. Here are seven effective ways how to get rid of weed breath after smoking. 

Brush Your Teeth

This mundane task is one of the easiest and efficient ways to refresh your breath. Some people are stepping up their game by brushing twice a day, adding mouthwash and flossing. This good old-fashioned feat is not only a decent place to start. It also helps you get rid of your smelly breath while doing your pearlies a big favor, and that’s by keeping them white and healthy. 

Use Mints

Mints are portable and pocket-friendly weapons and are available in every store. This tiny oval-shaped thing will help you saved your day from unwanted attention, hostile stares, and prejudices that come along with having a “canna breath.” Additional information, mint, is an important element to the effectiveness of almost every mouthwash, breath-freshener, and toothpaste that is on the market.

Chew Gum

Chewing gum is as effective as eating mints. Gums are also good for stimulating salivary glands, which helps you eliminate cottonmouth symptoms and horrible weed breath. Most people strongly suggested that flavors like mint, peppermint, and cinnamon are the best tools you wanted to have in your arsenal. These aren’t just portable, but it is also readily available, cheaper than mints, and it is easy to use.

Eat or Drink Citrus Fruits

These are great breath neutralizers. It is as efficient as brushing your teeth. A huge quantity of polyphenols is responsible for masking almost all bad smells, and that includes weed breath. It also stimulates the faster production of saliva, which naturally rinse the whole mouth. Here are some fruits you might to store in your fridge: Oranges, Apples, Pineapples, and Grapefruit.

Drink Some Coffee

Having a weed breath over coffee breath is almost a no brainer to most people, but this isn’t necessarily mean that there are people who don’t like a coffee breath too. People frequently joke that it is way better to smell darkly roasted than to smell roasted. It is general knowledge that these coffee beans are also used to clean the palette, which helps neutralize other odor, even weed breath.

Clean Your Smoking Accessories

Most people avoid and somehow get annoyed, stating obvious things. Residues from previous sessions don’t just taint the heavenly taste and matchless flavor of your marijuana; it is also looking for another surface to be laid upon – your mouth. The longer period you let those residues and dirt reside, the longer and greater force of weed breath you can expect to have. Cleaning your accessories every single time after it is being used may sound excessive and quite strenuous. However, not only will it help you preserve the matchless flavor of your marijuana, but it will also limit the bad effect on your breath. You don’t have to require yourself to make a deep and thorough cleaning every time, and you have to ensure anything that touches your mouth is wiped down after it is being used.

Drink and Rinse with Water

Heat enters your mouth, gets it dry and there you have it, the infamous cottonmouth symptoms. With water, it helps lubricate your mouth as it also removes remains in your mouth. Neglecting to stay hydrated is both detrimental to your health and breath status. When our mouths are dry, numbers of bacteria increase exponentially, and plaques are easily buildup, you are more prone to having cavities and debris that clings to your tongue can negatively affect your breath.

You can follow these simple yet efficient ways of creating and using saltwater to gargle: 

  • Prepare at least ½ teaspoon of salt
  • It is ideal to use kosher salts or sea salts, but any type of salt is okay.
  • Warm water. It dissolves salt easily, and it is more relieving to your throat compare to cold water.
  • Get ready to gargle it at the back of your throat. Then rinse your mouth and teeth afterward.
  • Spitting it out is highly recommended, but if swallowed, you need not worry.
  • It is highly recommended to rinse at least twice a day.

So remember to keep a glass of water near you every after a session to drink and for rinsing. You can also have some handy storage for it so you can carry it throughout the day to stay hydrated.

Aside from these seven highly effective ways on how to get rid of weed breath, you might want to carry these little details with you before you start smoking to prevent you from smelling weed.

  • Always remember not to get in the way of your smoke. So it does not blow all over you.
  • When smoking inside, let the room breathe by cracking a window.
  • If you’re carrying weed within your backpack or your pocket, make sure to keep them safe in an airtight bag to avoid stinking in public and attract trouble. You don’t want it to happen.

Cannabreath may be a prerequisite in attaining some form of nirvana that most people judged easily, but it does not necessarily mean that your confidence should also be jeopardized. Recalling and applying these seven highly effective ways on how to get rid of weed breath with conjunction with pre-smoking advice will keep this weed breath at bay where they belong.