How to Feminize Marijuana Seeds 101

how to feminize marijuana seeds

It’s no secret that it’s better to use feminized marijuana seeds than other types of seeds. With feminized seeds, you don’t need to deal with male plants. You can confidently grow all-female plants with no worries of accidental pollination. Also, it’s no secret that feminized seeds are more expensive than regular seeds but don’t worry. You can always learn how to feminize marijuana seeds and save money on buying seeds.

Two Ways How to Feminize Marijuana Seeds

There are two ways to make feminized marijuana seeds: inducing feminized pollen using chemical means and through rhodelization.

Inducing the production of feminized pollen using chemical means is the most accepted way to create feminized seeds. This is the method used by seed banks and breeders. The feminized seeds that you buy from seed banks were also created using this method and this involves the use of chemicals like colloidal silver or gibberellic acid. The chemical is applied to the female plant to stimulate the production of plant parts that contain female pollen.

Meanwhile, rhodelization is a natural way to induce the production of female pollen. In this process, female plants are stressed to produce male parts which will contain female pollen. In short, your female plants will become hermaphrodites and will likely produce hermaphrodites and thus, this process is not recommended. This guide will focus on the use of chemicals (colloidal silver or gibberellic acid) to create feminized seeds.

We do not recommend rhodelization because this method stresses plants. When cannabis plants are stressed it can result in late flowering, poor yields, and small buds. It’s best to use chemicals like colloidal silver or gibberellic acid because these don’t put a lot of stress on your flowering plants.

Step by Step Process of How to Make Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Making feminized cannabis seeds is a very straightforward process. But before we start, make sure you have the following materials:

  • Known female plants
  • Colloidal silver or gibberellic acid
  • Small spray bottle
  • A small brush used for applying watercolor
  • Small container with cap


1. Prepare the Female Plants that You Will Use

You need a female cannabis plant that’s already in the first 3 to 4 weeks of flowering. You can’t use older plants as these may take time to produce male plant parts. Also, the plant you will use must be healthy, with no nutrient deficiencies or toxicities, and with no signs of pests and mold
infestation. In short, this plant or plants should be the best ones in your garden as you need to produce good quality feminized pollen.

2. Locate the Areas of the Plant that You Will Need to Spray

Now that you have selected the best female plants, separate these from other females, and locate the areas where you will spray the chemicals. Female pistils and male sacs or balls usually grow along the junctions between the main trunk and branches. These areas must not have any

3. Apply the Colloidal Silver or Gibberellic Acid

Colloidal silver is liquid silver suspended in water and this is why you need to shake its container to mix the two. Shake for about a minute. This will be enough to mix the two before applying to your plants.

When the mixture is ready, use a small spray bottle to easily apply the colloidal silver. Spray the mixture liberally all over the area where buds and male sacs form. Do this daily and before you apply, check for the presence of sacs or balls on the area.

Apply daily and even right after the balls or sacs have emerged. Continue spraying until you finally see male parts. Take note that inside these male parts are feminized pollen.

If you want to use gibberellic acid, use this just like colloidal silver. Place the chemical in a small sprayer and apply it to your plants regularly.

4. Harvest the Feminized Pollen

It will take a few more days for the sacs to dry up and then open. Once these have opened, the feminized pollen will be released in the air. So before the pollen is released harvest the whole sac. Place this inside a small clean container with a cap or cover. To completely remove the pollen from the sacs, shake the container lightly.

5. Apply Feminized Pollen to Female Plants

Select female plants from your garden that have been blooming for 2 to 3 weeks. Use the feminized pollen by applying it to the buds using a small brush. Like painting watercolor on canvass, brush the buds with feminized pollen. Repeat this twice a day for a few weeks. Your female plants will soon grow many seeds. You cannot use the plants that you sprayed with colloidal silver.

6. Harvest Feminized Seeds

Wait around 6 weeks or less for the seeds to be ready. The seeds are inside seed pods; these will mature and the pods will dry out to reveal the seeds inside. This is the best time to collect your feminized cannabis seeds.

Keeping Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Keep your seeds dry and safe inside a dry and clean mason jar. Collect small seeds of one strain in one jar and cover. Place these inside a dark and dry environment to prevent the development of molds and mildew.

You may also refrigerate or freeze your seeds so these can last longer. Place these in a small plastic container and then stored in the coldest part of the fridge or freezer. When properly kept, your cannabis seeds can last for many years.

Can You Sell Feminized Cannabis Seeds?

Yes, you can sell your feminized seeds but do so legally. Take your seeds to a seed bank and let them inspect and test your seeds. Once they spot high quality, they will take your seeds so do all you can to improve the quality of your cannabis seeds harvests.

So there you are simple steps on how to feminize marijuana seeds. We guarantee good feminized seeds harvests and great yields when you follow these easy steps.