How to Come Down From Weed: Hangover Remedy Tips

how to come down from weed

Through the validation process, scientists still know little about experiencing a hangover from using weed. Perhaps, factors were affecting it, such as dosage and tolerance? Nonetheless, we still have no idea about it. 

But, thanks to preceding investigations, the consequences are giving researchers a push through limitations and restrictions. While researchers are at battles regarding whether if weed does conceive hangover or not, there were already remedy tips going around to assist users in easing down the effect of marijuana. 

Amid motivated studies and actual demonstration, it won’t hurt to know how to come down from weed hangover. In this article, we will be discussing things you should know about weed hangover and remedy tips that will aim to enlighten your ideas to extend your suggestion.

What Do Studies Have to Say About Weed Hangover?

In this deliberation, we will tackle two sides of studies that say weed can cause hangover and the opposition. Note that it’s utterly comprehensive on why investigations can have different conclusions due to different subjects and points of findings. Either way, these are the information that should fill up your curiosity:

Studies that are Giving Weed Hangover a Nod

The first readings of outcomes were in 1985, where a group of researchers conducted a study that targets the after-effects of smoking weed. In this arrangement, 13 males showed a hangover effect from having the same test variable.

The research sparked interest among marijuana consumers and even curious scholars due to the unexpected result it showed. Because of that, a generated motivation intrigued other teams to conduct various experiments for further authentication.

Another study emerged where subjects of experimentation experience fatigue the following day after a night of smoking weed. Additional after-effects are swift irritability and depressing moods.

During the prominence of participation studies, one recent investigation gathered all results and put the data under one analysis where they found that there are subtle results associated with adverse impacts of weed.

In a study during 2015, a trusted source stated that healthcare professionals mentioned the hangover effect on medical marijuana users. Consequently, the patients experienced a hangover that lasted for a day.

Finally, in a recent study in 2017, researchers made an in-depth exploration of medical marijuana patient’s perspectives, particularly those who have chronic pain. 

One recorded slightly-detrimental effect took place from patients who experienced fogginess and delayed reaction time in the following morning. However, the finding’s author failed to indicate the number of patients who had the same effect.

Studies that are Saying Weed Hangover is Impossible

During specific experimentation in a controlled environment, participants that smoked marijuana was under the weed’s influence for three and a half hours, where the level of the extremity is gradually falling. After the effects occurred, no after-outcomes took place.

A finding in 1990, 12 weed users were subjected to similar variables and smoked marijuana with the same length of frequency. After a series of behavioral assessments, the researchers concluded that no recorded effect in the morning occurred. Still, it remains unclear if the user’s background in smoking marijuana will bear the same effect than to those with little to none experience.

What are the Usual Symptoms of Weed Hangover?

Regardless of which you will stand, we are still unsure if weed does give hangover. But, to fill us with reassurance and guides, here are the most typical symptoms that are saying you are suffering from weed hangover.

The following data and information came from a certified journal that examined various individual’s point of view who uses medical marijuana to ease their pain. Though no whole effects came out, there were reports that a feeling of fogginess and lack of attentiveness clouded their attitude a day after smoking weed.

However, additional symptoms are rewriting the curious minds of people who do not believe in weed hangover. These are the said potential symptoms, as gathered by the researchers:

  • Dryness of the mouth
  • An excruciating feeling of fatigue
  • Pounding headache
  • Bloodshot and dryness of the eyes
  • Lethargic feeling
  • A minimal sensation of nausea

On the other hand, one flaw in the study stood out where some participants were under the influence of alcohol at the same time as cannabis utilization. Meaning, there is no certainty if which of the substance was solely responsible for the said effects.

How to Come Down from Weed Hangover?

Despite the struggle in scrutinizing the claims that weed can potentially make users succumb to a hangover or not, the said after-effect is happening to somebody. It is a must to know if particular remedies are available to eliminate it or yet, completely keep it from taking place.

Whether you felt the mentioned symptoms above or the fogginess and inability to react to things, make sure to know that every result yields different remedies that you might not apply to other effects. Otherwise, you might accidentally trigger its maximized feature. The following will serve as guidelines to help people gain knowledge on how to come down from weed hangover:

Remedy Tips to Come Down from Weed Hangover

  • Individuals who felt the fatigue feeling in the following morning after marijuana utilization will only need to extend their sleeping schedule to feel better. They can also drink caffeine and other energizing beverages. 
    But, extra-sleep is the best option to promote rest and eradicate prompting tiring sensations.
  • For the dry mouth’s case, it’s highly essential to observe proper hydration before and after weed ingestion. This method goes out to people who lack water in their bodies even before attempting to use marijuana. 
    Also, users who mixed up marijuana with an alcoholic substance will need an extra glass of water.
  • When consumers are having mild nausea, they should not ignore the feeling and move on to their day. The best thing to resolve the adverse opinion is to eat smaller proportions of food frequently. It’s better to keep doing it until the following day.

Additional Remedies to Come Down from Weed Hangover

  • It was mentioned that smaller portions are the best trick to resolve nausea. But, it won’t help if it wasn’t a healthy meal. It’s better to have a portion of nutritional food to provide energy for the day.
  • As much as possible, avoid hardcore caffeine, except those who needed to sleep due to fatigue. However, people who don’t like the sluggish sensation, consuming caffeine is not a good idea. Also, it may put your body in dehydration.
  • Take a hot and relaxing shower that will help freshen your body up from fatigue and lethargy.
  • Have some pain-reliever with you since it can also aid in resolving headache problems.

Other effects such as fogginess, confusion, erratic heart rate, dizziness, and disorientation should disappear by itself with time. But, if they fail to do so, it’s best to consult a doctor as soon as possible.

For the final thought, we might think weed hangover is nowhere possible to happen due to contrasting ideas and investigation, or we could feel extremely alarmed with its possibility, Either way, knowing that there’s a chance to not go through it will undoubtedly make us feel better. 

In conclusion, the stated helpful guide on how to come down from a weed hangover should make users feel safe and at peace. Relief is what others may feel knowing that they aren’t the only to suffer from it, and there’s a way to eliminate it as soon as possible.