How Often Do Marijuana Seeds Need Water

how often do marijuana seeds need water

As you may be aware, certain marijuana seeds require a little more moisture than other marijuana plants. It’s important to keep the plant hydrated throughout its growth cycle. By keeping the soil moist enough and the water running freely, the plant will have the ability to grow as quickly as possible, with as much health and vigor as possible.

Choosing the Right Potting Soil

When choosing your potting soil for your seeds, make sure to take into account your plant as well. It’s important to have a balance of nutrients and minerals in your soil to ensure that your plant’s roots can grow strong and healthy. To be able to grow marijuana seeds at such a fast pace, you need to be able to provide all the requirements these seeds need. There is a need to fertilize the plant. Fertilizing your plant is very important, especially in the growing stages of the marijuana plant.

Potting Soil and Soil Conditions

When your potting soil becomes too dry, it’s important to give it water. This allows the moisture to enter into the soil to nourish the root system, thus allowing it to grow strong roots. It’s important to give the plant at least two weeks of adequate water. 

When your potting soil isn’t properly hydrated, it becomes too dry. You can prevent this from happening by making sure to water your plants. When you find your soil is too dry, you should give it water again to make it moist enough to hold onto moisture. 

As much as we recommend growers to water the plants, we also want to remind them that not all marijuana plants require the same amount of water to keep them hydrated. There are instances of overwatering and underwatering that can disrupt the growth of the marijuana crops; or worse, can kill them.

The best tip is to water them accordingly and with care based on their watering recommendations for each strain. It might take the beginner growers some time to perfect the right way in watering their marijuana crops, but you can always ask for advice to several experienced growers near you.

Proper Drainage

The soil that is not properly drained is also prone to having the roots stagnate. If the roots are not able to properly absorb the water that has soaked into the soil, you will notice that the roots will become weak and wither. This can cause the plant to wilt and even die. It’s important to make sure that you make sure your plant has access to good watering, both through the irrigation system that is provided in the home or by using a hosepipe connected to a garden hose.

Light for Photosynthesis

When you grow marijuana plants, you want to make sure that you are providing them with enough light, as well as enough water. The light will help them thrive as well as the moisture helps to keep the roots healthy. However, too much light can actually harm your marijuana plants because the light can dehydrate the plants, as well as the light will kill the plants if too much water is given to them. 

Each marijuana strain has specific light requirements in order to produce a high yield and at the same time provide resinous buds. Light, just like water can factor in on the growth and production of healthy crops. For beginner growers, you can get some resources online or through this site as your guide on the right light certain strains need.

Watch Out for Humidity

Keep in mind that potting soil and the humidity level of the soil that you use for your marijuana plants depends on what type of marijuana plant you are growing. It’s important that you remember to monitor and maintain a certain amount of moisture in the soil to allow the plant to grow healthy and strong, as well as to give your marijuana plants enough energy to grow at their best. Just like water, light, drainage, and nutrients, humidity also plays a crucial role in influencing the growth of the marijuana crops.


By making sure to supply your marijuana plants with the correct levels of nutrients and moisture, you can provide your plant with the essential nutrients it needs for continued growth and to ensure that it will continue to grow as rapidly and safely as possible. Make sure to monitor the water levels in your potting soil regularly so that the plant can have enough to provide the plant with everything that it needs for a healthy growth and life. By taking care of your marijuana plants, you will ensure that they have as many nutrients as possible to be able to grow, flourish, and blossom successfully.

Health Conditions of the Marijuana Plants

Another aspect that you need to take care of is the condition of your marijuana plants. Many growers tend to over water their plants, and then when the plant needs water it will soak up all of the water that is in the soil. This can cause the plant to drown and kill the plant and will also create problems for the roots if they are not properly watered.

Water is Essential

You should keep in mind that it’s important to add water to your potting soil in small amounts so that the roots do not get soaked up by water. If you over water your plant, you will find that you will have a shorter life span of the plant, and the roots may not be able to survive. If the roots get drowned, the plant will stop growing as quickly and will not grow as well as it used to.

The soil that is used for growing marijuana plants needs to be rich in nutrients in order for the plant’s roots to thrive. Watering the roots is important, but it’s also important to provide them with the water and nutrients that will sustain them. Watering your marijuana plants can be a challenge, especially if you aren’t knowledgeable about how to properly care for these vital elements.