Homemade Weed Smoking Devices for Low Budget Pot Sessions

homemade weed smoking devices

Smoking weed would only require you a few things aside from the weed itself. It’s not the tangible paraphernalia but the necessary elements to make things possible. They are oxygen, airflow, and pyrotechnics, or the controlled flame. You have to understand all of them, so you know how you can make homemade weed smoking devices.

Knowledge of how smoking devices work would save you some money. You can take a break from rolling joints without spending a lot. It’s also great for low budget pot sessions. These ideas can help you to make the devices by yourself. The essential things can be found inside your house so it can save you time rummaging some stores.

Homemade Weed Smoking Devices that You Can Make by Yourself

1. Bong from Water Bottle

It is termed as nadoo or the waterfalls. It’s one of the most convenient ways to consume your weed before you hit the sofa. You can also say that it’s the cheapest among the other options.

But you have to know how it would affect you as it is like one-hitter. It has a large compartment for smoke, so be careful with what you take at a time. You might be taken off without any notice. 

You can use any plastic bottle as long as it can provide adequate room for the build-up of smoke. Two holes should need to be poked on it. The one at the bottom should be close to the underlip while the other one on the top is supposed to be near the product’s name. 

Once you have prepared the bottle, you can light the weed the way you do it in a bowl. Make sure you never let it come to the point that the plastic also burns. It won’t give you a good time inhaling it.

2. Apple Pipe

You can grab an apple from your fridge. Uh, it’s not for munchies, but it can turn into a pipe. You may think that it sounds ridiculous, but wait until you try it. Weed edibles can also be tasty, so why not try turning an apple into a pipe?

You have to make two holes on the opposite sides. One should be near to where you will place your thumb, and the other should be on the opposite side. Begin using it like you’re playing the flute. Cover the smaller hole and make sure that the air passage for both holes is connected.

3. Soda Can Pipe

Like the first two homemade weed smoking devices, this one is easy to make. It also needs holes that would let the smoke move, just like the other two devices. The holes on the soda can should be on both sides. You have to put a straw on the top portion so your weed can pass in it.

You can take the weed from the bigger hole while the smaller hole functions as a carb. The weed is on the tip of the straw for you to light it. It can’t be avoided that you may feel awkward when you use it as it is like you are drinking a soda in a reverse way. You’ll get the hang of it in a short period. DIY smoking devices may not be the usual thing, but it works well.

4. Pen Pipe

Start reassembling an overused or used pen for this another style of pipe. The exterior body of the pen is what will make this pipe. You have to apply a reverse engineer for you to be discreet when smoking weed. It might sound funny to you, but it will save you from letting others know you’re on it. 

The little smoke from the pen pipe will vanish after you’re done smoking. There’s only a little weed that you can place inside the pen. To ensure that you won’t get caught, you can dispose of the pen after use.

5. Bong with Gravity

Using this bong would make you high for sure, and it won’t even let you lose grip of your balance. It can compete with the capability of rolled joints even though it’s just one of the homemade weed smoking devices. You have to be grateful for gravity’s interference as it optimizes your smoking experience.

You may pick any bottle, but the ideal size is of those two liters. Then grab a mason jar that is just lying around the corner and fill a quarter of it with water. Clean the bottle and cut the bottom part. Make a hole on its caps and add some aluminum foil, which has micro holes for allowing airflow.

Place the weed inside the foil as the bottle is pressed down on the water. When you have already lit up the weed, lift the bottle in slow motion so all the smoke can be sucked up by the gravity. So you can inhale as much as you want. You shouldn’t waste some but be prepared with the amount that would fill your lungs.

6. Starburst Pipe

It’s the tastiest among the rest of the homemade weed smoking devices. A bowl can’t allow you to get this kind of taste. You will also find it fun to make. 

You have to gather around five to seven pieces of Starburst candies. Stack and mold them into your weed pipe. Smoke weed while you’re enjoying the candies. 

7. Vaporizer from Glass Jar

It needs some household items and more crafting than the other homemade weed smoking devices. Be determined to finish a DIY project, and you’ll be glad you did. Start with gathering all the necessary things like a wire hanger that needs to be split off, a glass jar covered with a tin lid, a 20-inch tube, a small candle, and a shot glass.

Make two holes on the tin lid. One is for the screw, and the other is for the shot glass. Place the wire hanger around the lid twice. It is the stand, and it is one end that should protrude from the circle, and the other is going away from the lid. You can finish it off by fastening the tube to the screw that is placed on the lid. 

The shot glass should be filled with weed then you can vape with the aid of a candle. See, you can easily make a vaporizer by yourself.

8. Tee Pee Steamroller

Making this steamroller would make you realize that you just don’t throw your toilet paper roll. It’s still useful for smoking weed. You can make it easily along with aluminum foil. A hole is always necessary, so poke one on the paper roll for the bowl. Make the carb on the other side. 

9. Flashlight Waterless Bong

If you want to take a break from rolling papers, you can spend some time making this one. Get rid of the bulb and batteries. The flashlight should be empty for you to produce a compact and waterless bong. 

Make a hole at the flashlight’s bottom. You can either use a bowl or a toolbox having unused bolts. You need to have a part of the bowl for the weed to sit. Get a lighter to lit it and use your flashlight steamroller. You have the vibe of telling ghost stories.


Making these homemade weed smoking devices can be easy for many. But the proper way of usage should be given importance too as it’s not the usual stuff. However, they can work like normal smoking paraphernalia. That’s why you can spend some time making them. Using them properly is also for your safety so you can control the high, and you won’t be intoxicated by other materials.