Understanding Cannabis Foxtailing 101


All ranges of cannabis plant highlight calyces that are the expected spots for better growth and cultivation. Especially for the female cannabis plant, the calyces developed in brunches during the time of development if the light hits on it perfectly. Thus, this is the moment when foxtails started to appear. As such, what does foxtailing mean?

  • Foxtailing is those bunches of calyces that are stacked within the head of a plant to another one to comprise some arrangement within the buds.
  • Cannabis foxtailing offers you the expression “crown,” where it is the describing term that can happen to your plant’s buds or, more likely, a spiky and the royal coronet form.

Cannabis Foxtailing

If you are in a dilemma that cannabis foxtailing render a negative impact on your cannabis, well, it is not, but if you are concern about the appearance of your bud, then it could be for you. To be precise, foxtailing only brings you the “oddly” look within the buds of your cannabis plant. With regards to aesthetic appeal and the differences of likings, it may likely appear good for you.

An exception by how foxtailing put on some effect on the physical appearance of your cannabis plants, let us know some other elements about it. As such, let’s widen our knowledge if it’s purely a benefit or a disadvantage. Well, we could think that it could cover fifty-percent of being a benefit and the remaining fifty-percent as a disadvantage.

  • There’s also a wide range of guaranteed facts as people admired the work of foxtailing as it can help in incrementing the measurement of your yields, which then a positive impact if you are a cannabis grower.
  • Alas, a few foxtails can turn out of its structure that will result in large and long pinnacles within the top of your cannabis flower. If so, this phenomenon happens; the dispersion of light can lose the balance to penetrate within the other parts of your cannabis plant.
  • Once the light can’t hit directly to the other parts, the capacity of your cannabis plant to develop and mature appropriate may drive down the substance and measurement of the yields.
  • There is a category named “Bad Foxtailing,” and it covers the idea that your plant undergoes stress because no amount of luminance and heat coming from the sun infiltrate on some parts.
  • Another most obtrusive misfortune you can experience from foxtailing is that it separates the original formation of your herbs that can then break its other parts.
  • Your cannabis plant had the best quality when its shape started to be round-like, yet when foxtails enacted its way, it will then result in elongated or stretched cannabis giving you less amount to use within the plant’s characteristic.
  • Foxtail is also one of the many reasons why your cannabis plants are not appropriately ripening.
  • Cannabis foxtailing is sometimes inevitable as some verities of cannabis have this underlying incident despite you are doing your best to avoid it. The known Cole Train and the list of Purple strains are prone to cannabis foxtailing.
  • If your locality is situated within the cities of the Tropical regions, for example, Colombia and Thailand, then you can’t quite beat the occurrence of cannabis foxtailing.
  • If your cannabis is a Sativa prevailing high, then cannabis foxtail has the high chances to happen.  

Hereditary Lineage and Environmental Conditions as the Cause of Cannabis Foxtailing

Hereditary Lineage

  • One of the main kinds of foxtailing was manifested and managed by your cannabis hereditary lineage.
  • A few buds of your cannabis plant are hereditarily inclined to cannabis foxtailing.
  • Whenever your cannabis plant started to respond in foxtailing, the sorts of herbs are progressively uniform and prevalent all through the plant.
  • If your cannabis foxtailing is out from hereditary lineage, then it is associated with “good foxtailing” as it is already stipulated within the nature of your bud. As such, the tendency of it would always are lean on the plausible side.
  • It is likewise significant that cannabis plants or buds that experience hereditary foxtailing bring you more content of THC. If you loved THC the most, then you can start to choose from the list of genetic foxtailing cannabis. 

Environmental Conditions

  • The stresses your cannabis plant, gotten from the light or heat, are one of the downsides of cannabis foxtailing.
  • Whenever your cultivation room is indoors, and the cannabis plants are set excessively near to a powerful HPS light or the LED light, it elevates the risk of your cannabis to experience foxtailing. Be that as it may, your assistance is needed in your cannabis plant to avoid foxtailing. 
  • The unbalance and irregular levels of your pH in the cultivation room are a great way to let your cannabis plant experience a direct hit of cannabis foxtailing.
  • Any other types of bad conditions under the root zone stress will transform the buds to foxtails.
  • A steady and stable pattern of your environmental condition must be heightened, always, and not just one time, in order to prevent cannabis foxtailing.

Different Techniques to Address Cannabis Foxtailing

  • To tend the issues caused by cannabis foxtails, you must raise the light 10 centimeters far from the current location of your cannabis plant.
  • If you utilize the MH or HPS or the completely vented HID lamps, given with the measurement of 58 centimeters, the canopy must not be nearer or closer to the given measurement.  
  • If you utilize the uncooled HPS or double-ended lamps, given with the measurement of 76 centimeters, the canopy must not be nearer or closer to the given measurement.  
  • If you utilize LED, given with the measurement of 38 centimeters, the canopy must not be nearer or closer to the given measurement.  
  • Together with the right light separation measurement, the night cycle must go alongside with it. As such, it is best to put the cycle hours from 11 to 11.5 hours, and this will then help in reducing the tails.
  • Your lights must be at an exact value of 23 degrees Celsius whenever the lights are on, and it must be within the range of 5 to 7 degrees Celsius cooler whenever the lights are off.
  • If the temperature falls around the “warm” line throughout the flowering period of your cannabis, then it will cause stretches that then foxtail buds have the higher ability to appear.
  • No matter what type of cannabis you are growing in, despite that it is not on the list of hereditary foxtails, you must always take care of the root zone. Furthermore, the root one must be in the best form or on the healthy level lines.
  • Ensure that the pH level falls under the suggested level.
  • A disagreeable pH level can cause problems when your problems take up the nutrients you are giving in.
  • Always make sure that your cannabis plant is safe from root-bound.
  • Empower correct ventilation so that no stale air can be formed within your cultivation room.
  • Feeding your cannabis is good, but overfeeding them will not lead to the best outcomes. Do not hype too much on the moisture and nitrogen whenever you are putting it on your cannabis plant. 
  • As the moment you infuse the nitrogen, you must flush the plant every 3 to 4 weeks in order to stop the formation of fertilizer. At this point, infuse it with the PK just supplement prior to returning to the usual everyday set-up.
  • Provide enough space on the growing plants where the air can flow in every corner, and the light can enter in every area.


It isn’t unfavorable at all when foxtailing makes its way to happen, as this can be helpful at some point. There are two major reasons why foxtailing happens, and this could be directed from its hereditary lineage or the environmental conditions. 

You should not blame the fact that foxtailing happens when there is a wrong thing within the environment, as it also needs your assistance in the first place. You will be showered with the royal corona appearance when foxtailing occurs, yet it may not lighten you at all. Just don’t forget the ways on how to deal with foxtailing in order for you to not encounter it if, in the first place, you don’t want a single element of it hitting on you.