Concentrate vs Flower High: Which Type of High is Better?

Concentrate vs Flower High

There are many different ways that you choose to enjoy consuming your cannabis. Even you are a cannabis expert, or you are just want to try experiencing marijuana for the first time, it is important to understand that all kinds of ingestion methods have their own different high and effects. In this article, you’ll learn the difference between concentrate vs flower high.

You can consume cannabis, the flower itself, or by concentrates in potent forms. Although cannabis flower, commonly known as weed, has been the most popular method to consume cannabis over the past years, using concentrates has also quickly gained its popularity.

Concentrate vs. Flower High: Difference Between Concentrates and Flower

So what is the difference between concentrate vs flower high? You can easily differentiate the concentrates with the cannabis flower through their potency. By just knowing about the THC level of concentrates, novice cannabis consumers may scare off. However, for a good reason, dosing concentrates happens to be trickier as it increases its potency.

Check the difference between concentrates and flowers:

  • For beginner consumers, there are still mild, and non-intoxicating rich in CBD concentrate that they will try for their first experience.
  •  The tinctures and hash also contain a lower THC amount compare to other kinds of concentrates that you may also consider. 
  • Those who have been using cannabis many times preferred to choose cannabis concentrates. Over the time of certainly consuming concentrates, their body becomes more resistant that happens to look for another way to get their needed results.
  • When you consume cannabis flowers for a usual basis, it only makes sense if you tend to use concentrates even they both give the same effects and other recreational and medicinal benefits. 
  • Concentrates are the preferred option for senior users that do not want to smoke their cannabis.

Cannabis Concentrates

The process for making cannabis concentrates is quite different compare to growing cannabis flowers. Having different kinds of concentrates and the processes of doing it may go through the process of creating the ideal concentrates. 

Check the good-to-know details about marijuana concentrates:

  • There are basic kinds of concentrates made from a simple process but the same methods. These concentrates include the crumbles, the batter, and the shatter. 
  • Other complicated concentrates include live resin, diamonds, and distillates. These concentrates are made from a different extraction procedure.
  • Concentrates are considered to be highly potent but more expensive compare to a high-quality cannabis flower. 
  • Smoking the cannabis concentrates is also different from smoking a joint or bong from cannabis flowers. In smoking concentrates, you will need to use a dabbing device like a vaporizer to help you get enough high temperature to light the dabbing device. 
  • To completely enjoy the dabbing session, consumers must use appropriate dabbing tools and heating materials. 
  • Concentrates are ideal for the experienced user. For beginners who want to try it, I begin with a ready-to-use dabbing device for effortless use and clearer smoke.
  • Compare to a high-quality cannabis flower that has 15 to 30% THC content. The concentrates can reach up to 50 to 99%. 
  • You may be impressed with its high and fast effect, but if you are just started to experience cannabis, you may find it pricey to purchase, especially the materials and types of equipment needed to use it.

Concentrates Effect Duration, Advantage and disadvantages 

After dabbing concentrates, you may feel its effect after inhaling it. The effects can experience about 30 minutes to 3 hours. The good thing about vaping or dabbing cannabis concentrates is it does not involve smoke. 

Compare to cannabis flower, concentrates is more discreet as it has vapor that does not linger to any fabrics. Most experienced users, considered the concentrates to have a better taste than smoking cannabis flowers.

Concentrates use vape and dab rigs to use. Some vapes cost expenses that will not suit your budget. Dosing is easier to overstate with cannabis concentrates. Those cannabis users that want to feel the earthy experience in cannabis may lose their chance with concentrates.

Cannabis Flower

While the cannabis flower ignites, the smoke gives you a unique smoky haze. Depending on the strain you use, you will be able to experience a warm, flavorful, and relaxing smoking session. Other strains may taste harsh, and others may fill you like you eat a delicious snack. 

Check these facts about marijuana flowers:

  • Cannabis flower offers a relaxing high that been used by most consumers since the early years. Cannabis strains come with different flavoring profile, high, and genetics that allow the consumers to know what are the effects they have throughout the body. 
  • When you already tried to grow your own cannabis, you will definitely know the difference between every cannabis plant. Each cannabis flower has almost the same looks and smells, but their buds are much different when smoking. 
  • Cannabis flowers have been in the industry that most consume by cannabis users. The three different kinds of smoking cannabis flowers are blunt, spliff, and a joint. 
  • Like the concentrates, cannabis users may also enjoy consuming flowers with a vaporizer. This method is considered a healthier and safer way than smoking. 
  • If the flavor of cannabis is important for you, you must go with the cannabis flower. Some other concentrates lose their taste and earthy aromas after the extraction process. 
  • The terpenes that give the fragrant oil that secreted in a cannabis plant are hard to preserve after any extraction processes. However, there are some extracts like live resin, usually their flavor profiles, without even revive its terpenes. 

Flower Effect Duration, Advantage and disadvantages 

Similar to concentrates, you may experience the effects of cannabis flower within a second after smoking. The effects usually last for 30 minutes up to 3 hours after consuming. Being a fast-acting strain makes it love by most cannabis consumers. 

As it is the most popular cannabis form, you can easily purchase it with trusted dispensaries. Compare to other forms of cannabis. You can save money with it. Smoking the flower also required just lighting tools that make it easier to smoke.

However, smoking cannabis flowers may contain carcinogenic compounds that may possibly harm our bodies. Smoking can also cause aching of throat and other kinds of pain, especially t patient. The smell of the cannabis flower can also linger on furniture, fabrics, clothes, and even hair that is sometimes hard to remove.


Now you know about concentrate vs flower high. Either concentrate or cannabis flower offers different types of high, just keep in mind to always begin with a lower dose. It may help you work your way up, especially if you have low tolerance in higher effects.