High CBD Strains: A Hardcore Stoner’s Must-Have

high cbd strains

High CBD strains are becoming increasingly known among marijuana users. These bring about medicinal benefits that make them satisfied. And with so many choices to consider, it can be quite overwhelming and confusing to choose one for you. This is especially if you are a hardcore stoner. Defining CBD First Cannabidiol is known as a […]

Easiest Strains to Grow for Novice Cannabis Growers

easiest strains to grow

Not all cannabis strains are created equal. With you as a novice grower, you should think about the best and easiest strains to grow. This will enable you to develop more of your skills while gardening. Some of the strains exhibit more resiliency to mold, drought, disease, & insects. Some also demand fewer nutrients than […]

Highest Yielding Marijuana Strains to Grow in Your Weed Garden

highest yielding marijuana strains

It doesn’t matter whether you’re growing marijuana for commercial purposes or as a hobby. By growing some of the highest yielding marijuana strains listed here, you will have plenty of supplies that you can enjoy anytime.  10 Highest Yielding Marijuana strains 1. Northern Lights  Yield – 18 oz per m² (indoors); 22 oz per plant […]

High THCV Strains Every Stoner Should Try

high thcv strains

THCV (tetrahydrocannabivarin) is a minor cannabinoid that provides a fast-acting, stimulating, and clear-headed high for a brief period. High THCV strains induce psychoactive effects when ingested in large doses.  Consuming THCV orally offers longer-lasting effects, but reduces potency. Vaping THCV results in a stronger high. THCV’s effects also depend on how much you consume. If […]

How to Stabilize Hybrid Seeds of Your Weed

how to stabilize hybrid seeds

Hybrid seeds are brought about by crossing two different cannabis varieties. They then become newer strains having unique traits not existing yet. That’s when new effects, flavors, and morphologies are also brought about. Indeed, the possibilities always seem endless the moment you learn more on how to stabilize hybrid seeds of your weed.  The modernized […]

Cannabis Seedling Problems: How to Handle Them

cannabis seedling problems

When it comes to cannabis, life will always begin right after the germination. They become extremely vulnerable to different common cannabis seedling problems at this stage. They don’t have enough power and resilience against diseases. Likewise, just one mistake can already put their life at stake. As a grower, you need to be aware and […]

10 Low THC Strains of Cannabis Perfect for Beginners

low thc strains

Things can get worse sometimes among first-timers upon using marijuana. This is also due to the bad experience it brings. For one, you might feel overly paranoid and end up thinking that cannabis is not your thing. Low THC strains are the best answer to completely avoid this experience. Avoid looking for high-THC strains or […]

How to Store Cannabis Seeds Safely

how to store cannabis seeds

Would you like to grow marijuana the best way possible? If yes, you need to begin with great seeds. Once you have found the right strain, how do you store cannabis seeds safely? The good thing is that it is never that difficult. You only need to keep them cold in a dry and dark […]

Expert Tips on Handling Cannabis Seedlings

cannabis seedlings

Once your cannabis seeds have successfully germinated, you can see that each one of them has fully sprouted. When your cannabis seeds have fully sprouted, this is the most crucial part when it comes to having a successful growth. Cannabis seedlings are detrimental to the overall success of your yield. Thankfully, once you’ve witnessed that […]

How to Germinate Marijuana Seeds Successfully

how to germinate marijuana seeds

Planning on how to germinate marijuana seeds successfully isn’t rocket science. It requires an expert opinion to let your seeds fully grow and mature. Growing marijuana seeds might be simple, but it requires a little bit of knowledge when it comes to having a successful harvest. The first part will always be the hardest part […]