Understanding Brick Weed and How it is Made

brick weed

There are lots of interesting things about cannabis. There are some cannabis terms that you will surely be interested in knowing. One of them is about how weed can be made just like a brick. Maybe you haven’t heard about brick weed because it is not known nowadays. For those old-timer smokers, they would really recognize this because it was very known before. Some of the new cannabis users are not familiar with this process. 

In this article, you will be able to learn and understand all about weed that looks like a brick, and you will be able to know why and how it is made. 

What is Brick Weed?

When the weed is condensed and formed into a brick, it can be called a brick weed. It was used to be much known in the United States.  People turned their cannabis into a brick shape and form so that it will be easier for them when it comes to transporting it to other places. In the early times, people prefer consuming a brick type of weed. Cultivating weed at home wasn’t known, and it wasn’t introduced, so they used this process. 

Brick weed is compressed and wrapped in a bag or even with tape. You should not expect good quality of brick weed. Compressing the weed for the aim of forming a brick would definitely ruin the amount of Kief, which will decrease the weed’s potency. Hence, the high you get on the weed that is not compressed is not the same as the high you get in a compressed weed. 

If you worry about the price of it, then you should not, because it is cheaper than you think. You should not expect a good quality weed because brick weed will not offer the best quality. However, you can still get high from consuming it, and you have to know that the effect of it will depend on the quality of cannabis that is being compressed and formed into a weed that looks like a brick. 

This method was used to be known back in the days, but because of the wide legalization of marijuana, some users prefer to grow their own, and they have lots of simple ways to get the cannabis they want without the transporting process. 

Therefore, the reason as to why cannabis, which was formed into a brick was very popular before because it was not legal in many places compared today. In short, it is one way of smuggling cannabis in the United States by the border in Mexico. It was the easiest way of doing it. 

How is it Made?

The process of making it is very easy and simple. You do not have to do lots of complicated processes to make a brick weed. You do not have to do the curing process or trimming method of the plant’s buds. All you need to do is to harvest the weed. After you have harvested the weed, it is important that you should dry them. Then, you have to condense the weed and press them with the use of a hydraulic cylinder, which makes a hydraulic way of pressing.

You have to expect a strong fragrance of it because of the tight press, the moisture will be trapped, which makes some parts of the plant to get rot, and that is the reason why brick weed has a very strong smell. In the process of making weed bricks, the number of trichomes will get affected, but there will be stems, leaves, and seeds that will be left in the compressed. 

After compressing the weed, you can cut them to make small sizes of it that forms like a brick. It will be wrapped in plastic with tape, and then it will be ready to be transported. 

It is very rare for you to find the brick weed nowadays, and there are reasons for that. The first reason is that unlike before, people prefer to grow their own plants in their homes, which are more convenient. There are lots of easy ways and steps in doing it. Due to the tools that can be used in growing cannabis indoors, it will be a lot easier. In other words, users and consumers were able to learn the steps and ways on how to grow cannabis or marijuana in their own homes. Growing cannabis is better than buying them and spending money on transporting from one place to the other. 

The second reason is the legalization of marijuana; there are more places that marijuana is already legal. It has become wider, and people tend to use marijuana without the fear of breaking the state’s law.  It is not necessary for the users to compress the weed and ship it to the other places. Hence, it is convenient to consume weed compared before, especially in the places where marijuana is legal. 


It is amazing how creative some of the users in the old days just to consume and to transport marijuana without getting into trouble. Though this process is not often practiced nowadays, you must still understand it. 

Whatever reason as to why brick weed is not popular as it did before, the most important thing is you have an idea about it. It is necessary for you to understand it so you will be able to understand how marijuana users consume them back in the old days. 

If you are one of the new generations of the cannabis user, then you are very lucky to have never experienced harvesting, drying, and compressing marijuana just to ship it and transport it to another place. Consuming marijuana is more convenient and easier in today’s generation due to the wide legalization of it and due to the tools that we have nowadays, which are very helpful in consuming weed. 

In conclusion, shaping weed into brick is a very simple and easy thing to do, but the process is now dying because people learned an easier way of consuming it.