15 Best Cartoons to Watch High

best cartoons to watch high

If you are ever desirous of displays that appeal to the power of being big, then search no further. Tv programs or exciting mega-series are not available here. So our selection of “have to-watch” is made up of the funniest movies to appreciate high. In this article, we are going to talk more about the best cartoons to watch high.

If it was the drawing style, the humorous personalities, or the utterly ridiculous plot lines, our upbeat pal, Mary Jane, greatly enhances each cartoon. Those lonely evenings that get drugged up in view with the TV no longer always have to remain so silent. You ‘re going to explode through feel-good riffs and get caught in laughing bursts deep into the evening.

Best Cartoons to Watch High: The List

Certainly, the best cartoons to watch high on cannabis on your large cozy sofa while a gentle downpour falls around it are never the equivalent when the perfect programs to watch when railing lines loaded with automatic weapons and topless chicks with a Mexican mob boss in a safe house.

It’s indeed time for entry. Be prepared. Maybe you’re not getting too high since you ‘re going to vote in a moment here, so who can actually do it responsibly when it’s up to the extent of irrationality? Now get a good smile on then show the public what everyone thinks is the perfect cartoon to enjoy as high as possible.

1. Aqua Teen Hunger Force

The idea behind this cartoon can barely be translated into words. Even continuing to explain the protagonists makes it seem like whenever they created the series, the writers would have been high. Their stories make little sense, the storyline is always surreal, and the genre of cartoon prides itself on mockery. 

2. Looney Tunes

An ultimate masterpiece that comprises all the factors required to impress stoners. In fact, unbelievable animal characters can begin life rooted, but they easily shock the world and routinely escape death. The shows are both short but simple, which also becomes a pleasant relief from Netflix’s hour-length comedy specials. 

3. Rick and Morty

Regardless of how often you repeat a certain Rick & Morty show, there’s still a sly insinuation or secret nod that you skip. There are those simple jokes, as well as there were the inside ones that can get even devoted fans.

4. The Ren and Stimpy Show

Ren is the prudish, mildly nervous bureaucratic system every one of us fell prey to. Although on the opposite side, Stimpy is really the enjoyable-loving, full of life buddy, we all hope we both can have been a little something the same. Whether certain how you connect to the stories, there is nothing oddly true about the situations. Stimpy falls into and how Ren reacts.

5. Adventure Time

If you are grappling with any of the outdated animation methods seen in older series, such as those for Looney Tunes including Freakazoid, this cartoon show is the new remaster catching the spirit of likable cartoons for children. Whilst also, several of the protagonists can relate to youngsters, it is also the language and sexual nature that has caught adult hearts.

6. Samurai Jack

Western civilization was long intrigued by Asian society and also the samurai ideal. Samurai Jack combines American graphics and relentless combat with the concepts of loyalty and rebirth, as legendary master swordsman clans say.

7. Spongebob Squarepants

If you’ve seen any of the earlier cartoons on your collection, it is indeed simple in seeing their presence throughout this cartoon show. The series finds a great balance between easy animation and very mature themes. Honestly, if you’ve worked on the web over the last five years, discovering a vast array of Spongebob references doesn’t require long.

8. Sailor Moon

Think first if you decided the best pothead animations were all about weird personalities featuring high-octane action sequences! Sailor Moon also has some weird characters when action is taking place, but the series has an audience that has evolved among mature males and females. 

9. Freakazoid

Freakazoid came from an age all of us couldn’t imagine had happened. Cartoons were able to stretch their jokes as well as characters’ limits, but they were always seen in primetime positions.

10. South Park

There’s loads of ironic comedy to go through in 22 installments, but quite a period all those pop media can grow a bit thin. Rather, once undertaking on even a South Park diet, consider munching away on some edibles. The crack jokes, remarks regarding Cartman’s mother, and the notorious “who murdered Kenny thread” would sound as amusing as they appeared while experiencing the very initial show 22 seasons ago.

11. Ugly Americans

Mark Lilly would be a case manager who’s had an explosion of the unexplained phenomena in such a place as New York. Unless you are a Migrant or a thinking venus flytrap, having us to work together has become just another task, though. Look at this mature video, that’s fantastic!

12. Superjail

Extreme crazy, mad, totally fuckin’ bonkers, everything which is this series. Yet since you’ve experienced actively participating, it’s always been a ride. This is perhaps one of this world’s many strange, barbaric jails, and it’s beneath a volcanic eruption!

13. Space Ghost: Coast to Coast

Adult Swim will still hold things strange, and this series is no exception. This brings an established Hanna-Barbara character named Space Ghost, then has him confront actual citizens, all while interacting towards Zorak as well as Moltar, his main archenemies.

14. Bob’s Burgers

I really do not want and need to place Family Guy with their predecessors in this category anyway, given that they are on almost every list. Nonetheless, Bob’s Burgers becomes a little underestimated, which is quite screwed up because this series is so funny, and even those animated burgers look delusive!

15. Regular Show

Assuming you can, please humor us. Picture two 25-year-old guys that both serve as maintenance workers in a nearby park. We get used to any of the normal things a youngster-turned-adult would predict: make awesome bangers, try to please the cool people, trick or treating even strive to figure out the somewhat fragile microwave cooking aspects.


The attraction of cartoon films is an effective one, regardless of whatever you become up to while stoned whilst watching television. When you are bored of seeing the same shows, here are the best cartoons to watch high or even if you are down and just want to watch a cartoon that will make you forget a little about life and everything.