What to Do if Your Cannabis is Growing Too Tall

As a cannabis grower, you must pay attention to various details. One element you might not be aware of is the height of your plants. In case you’re unfamiliar with cannabis’ natural state, it grows in a “Christmas tree” formation, with a single stalk that branches out wide at the bottom and narrow at the […]

Why You Should Grow Weed Instead of Buying It: Longterm

Use weed for recreational or medicinal purposes? If so, you’re part of a rapidly growing group of cannabis connoisseurs. The level of sales with both medical and adult-use weed is projected to reach at least $33 Billion by the end of 2022. That’s a huge chunk of change for weed retailers and large-scale cultivators, but […]

Terpenes: Flavor Profiles and Effects

To borrow some hip lingo from the past, the cool cannabis kids will tell you that THC is no longer where it’s at. Even if many growers and smokers of the past (and maybe a few in present day) love boosting the THC potency so you’ll hopefully have a better, stronger experience, the abundance of […]

When Should You Buy Seeds?

Are you considering growing your own cannabis plants? As the sweeping popularity of cannabis continues to spread across the nation, more and more cannabis enthusiasts with green thumbs are looking to try their hand at cultivation. If you are in a locale where it is legal to purchase and cultivate cannabis seeds, then you’ve come […]