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marijuana seeds canada AK-47 Feminized

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AK-47 Feminized
Strain Specifications
Type : Mostly Sativa
Climate : Indoor / Outdoor
Yield : 350 – 500 g/m²
Height : Medium
Flowering : 53 – 63 days
Stone : Long Lasting Cerebral Effect
THC level : 19.22%
Grow : Easy

AK-47 Feminized Strain Details

  • AK-47 boasts very high yields in a short amount of time, making it a natural favorite by professional breeders and new breeders alike.
  • Has a very high THC content (up to 20% or more), one of the highest in fact (along with Afghan and White Widow). a small amount is enough to get experienced smokers prominent highs. We only recommend this to experienced smokers.
  • The effects of its high can be very complex, giving highs that can be recognized in both Sativa and Indica strains.
  • The AK-47 can be recognized by the numerous white trichrome crystals around its buds, it may also be in a reddish tint or both red and white. The buds are compactly arranged and may look like a sugar-coated vegetable.
  • The AK-47 has a strong, prominent smell that can be recognized meters away. Breeders may have to use measures to control its smell as it may bother the neighbors.
  • It may display more sativa or more indica characteristics but the yields are the same. The only significant difference is its blooming periods.
  • It can be cultivated indoors or outdoors using traditional methods or with alternative mediums like hydroponics (a system that uses water and does not use soil).

Note for Growers
For indoor growers, ventilation is very important as the AK-47 enjoys a nice breeze. It is also important to note that AK-47 is prone to bacterial diseases, thus, a proper ventilation and a little more attention should be given to it, but overall it is a fairly easy strain to grow and cultivate.