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Mediterranean Climate

If you are located in the Mediterranean like Spain, France, Croatia, some other parts in Asia and Africa, you should be growing marijuana strains which can dwell well in your climate especially if you are growing outdoors. Well, even if you are growing indoors, your marijuana plants will still be affected by the climate so it is still very important to buy marijuana strains for Mediterranean climate growing. Mediterranean climate can get quite warm at times therefore plants that are not used to it might die or get sick and won’t give you the best marijuana harvest.


marijuana seeds canada Afghan

The typical Afghan marijuana plant is in fact considered to be relatively easy to grow. One of the growing characteristics of the seed is similar with t...

Amnesia Haze

marijuana seeds canada Amnesia Haze

Amnesia Haze has very dense buds with visible THC crystals around the buds. Upon opening the buds, you will see a lot of THC crystals that let it give a...

Auto Afghan Feminized

marijuana seeds canada Auto Afghan Fem

Afghan was from a very traditional background that’s why is typical easy to grow and can dwell in any given environment. Any grower could benefit a lo...

Auto Berry Feminized

marijuana seeds canada Auto Berry Fem

Lowryder was crossed with a mix of Grapefruit and Blueberry to produce Berry Autoflowering Feminized. It has a better effect, more resin, and more flavo...

Auto Diesel Feminized

marijuana seeds canada Auto Diesel Fem

Diesel Autoflowering Feminized is a strain in green citrus odor mixed with a smell of fuel to which it got its name. Its leaves are short and wide despi...


marijuana seeds canada B-52

The B-52 variety is a hybrid created between Big Bud, and Skunk varieties. The plant can be grown outdoors but is also best to be grown in a hydroponic ...


marijuana seeds canada Diesel

Diesel is an experience on its own, fresh and fruity beyond belief combined with a subtle hint of freshly pressed hashish. This Diesel is a quick growin...

Hash Plant

marijuana seeds canada Hash Plant

When smoked, Hash Plant gives a dominant spicy-sharp bite flavor of smoldering resin glands, a sensation which instantly becomes indistinguishable from ...


marijuana seeds canada Ice

Ice is best for first time cultivators especially for those who are planning to grow this indoor. This can be planted on both soil and hydroponics (soil...

Jack Herer

marijuana seeds canada Jack Herer

The strain contains between 15% to 20% of the THC, which is its active ingredient. Jack Herer’s approximant lineage percentage is: 50% haze, 37.5% NL#...

Mix Match Combo Packs Strains

marijuana seeds canada Mix & Match Combo Packs

Mix & Match Combo Packs To provide you with the chance to try the variety of our high quality marijuana strains, we are offering you this combo mixed pac...

Nyc Diesel

marijuana seeds canada Nyc Diesel

Some of the medicinal purposes of NYC Diesel include being highly effective in relieving anxiety, stress, and nausea. It also aids in stimulating a more...

What are the best marijuana strains for growing in Mediterranean climate?
There are marijuana strains which are best for growing in Mediterranean climate. You can order Mediterranean marijuana strains from our online seed bank which is located in Canada and we will ship your order in the soonest time possible. We accept Mastercard, Visa, Paypal, Interac E (for Canadian only), and cash via the mail. Order cheap marijuana seed strains for Mediterranean marijuana growing now!
Why buy Mediterranean marijuana seeds?
If you want to get the best harvest considering the weather of the place where you live (Mediterranean), then you better buy the right marijuana seeds for your grow. Marijuana plants which are not for Mediterranean growing might die or get sick if not properly handled or grown and if it is grown in a climate where your weed is not used to.
Where to buy cheap marijuana seed strains which are best for Mediterranean growing?
You can buy Mediterranean marijuana seeds and have your orders shipped to any countries around the world. We also offer local shipment to Canada customers only. Make sure that you buy from a reputable marijuana seeds company just like us so that you don’t have to worry about the seeds that we have to offer. Buying marijuana seeds on the internet now has become a growing trend because it gives convenience and savings to your part.